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Fertility Massage

For those on the path of trying to conceive and looking to be supported at this time. Naomi is an expert in fertility. The overall aim is to help guide your body back to homeostasis through physical touch, energy work and sound.

This massage is a non-invasive therapy and the realignment allows any older blood to move through the body as it should. The circulation is increased around the fertility organs as well as allowing any scar tissue to be broken down.


Fertility massage will improve flow and bring your body into deep relaxation – which studies show can sometimes aid conception.

For those trying to conceive naturally or for those working with a clinic.


What To Expect

  • Fertility journey chat over tea

  • Conscious conception support

  • Massage/Acupressure throughout the body

  • Reiki/Energy work

  • Guided visualisation appropriate for where the client is in their journey

  • Rebozo (wrapping with shawls)

  • Sound Bowl Relaxation


Not suitable post-ovulation when actively trying to conceive in a cycle. Suitable for regular visits during IVF or IUI to prepare for transfer.


Ceremony = 2 hours:  £85

Package of 4 ceremonies: £300

Ceremony + Heart opening Cacao = 2 hours 15 mins: £95

Cancellation Policy

50% fee to cancel within 24 hours & 100% on the day

With Naomi


''Having previously experienced a womb massage with Naomi, this time, I knew more what to expect and really felt able to fully relax and indulge in the experience as a whole. Before we started, we talked in quite a lot more depth about the ‘ins’ and ‘outs’ of the massage. This time, Naomi tried out a visualisation technique..this was a really amazing part of the process. I really did feel able to completely disconnect this time and it was such a treat to not only have some ‘me’ time, but to share that with Naomi who was, as always, calm, knowledgeable and skilled.


Naomi was able to clearly answer the questions I had and I could tell just how passionate she is about the whole matter surrounding fertility and healing.”