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Drop in  = £12

5 Class Pass = £55

10 class Pass = £100

5 class - Mama & Baby Yoga = £45

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Yin Yoga &
Yoga Nidra (deep relaxation)

Would you like to unwind and deeply relax? These classes are all about easing out deeply stored tensions in the body, and finding greater freedom/spaciousness in your body and mind.

In yin yoga we hold postures for 3 – 5 mins and stay low to the ground. In some of the postures we use a bolster/blanket to get super comfy. 

We close with you being guided into deep relaxation (yoga nidra) – a deeply restorative and healing state. During autumn/winter these sessions will be candlelit. 


7.15pm - 8.30pm

In person/online


Vinyasa Yoga

In this flowing class we move through a series of postures designed to strengthen the body and create flexibility. The mind is calmed by the focus on the breath. We close with relaxation. You are offered a theme in each class. All levels of experience are welcome. 


9.30am - 10.30am

In person/online

Mother and Baby on Floor

Mama & Baby Yoga

You and your baby are so welcome if you've recently given birth and are looking for a space to come together with other women at this time.

We work with gentle postures to release tightness in the body and slowly rebuild strength, alongside calming breathing techniques and relaxations.


From 10 weeks after birth…or sooner if you’d like to join the group however are happy to take things physically easy.


11am - 12pm

12.30pm - 1.30pm

In person/online

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Pregnancy Yoga

Congratulations on your pregnancy. These sessions offer the chance to come together with other women and offer a mixture of postures (asana), meditation, breath work, deep relaxation and hypnobirthing practices/ideas to support you in your pregnancy. 

The aim of the classes is to help you feel deeply calm and grounded, alongside feeling tensions in the body melting away. We'll also work on strength building postures if you're looking to have an active birth. The intention is that you come away with a toolkit of practices/techniques useful for your birth preparation. 



5.30pm - 6.45pm

In person/online


I have been doing Anna’s online pregnancy yoga since when I was around 15 weeks and she has had a great influence on my first pregnancy. Her flows, breathing techniques and relaxation exercises helped so much with my anxiety during the pandemic. She also taught me that yoga is for all bodies and for all places. I feel so prepared for my birth experience and can’t wait to join her post-natal yoga.


M Kutlay

Image by Annisa Ica

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