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Wintering – Embracing the 4th Trimester

Updated: Apr 17, 2023

Sometimes life calls on us to draw back into a period of ‘wintering’ – a time to step back from visibility, to go inward, to retreat.

Sometimes it’s a welcome gift, and sometimes it can involve turmoil…it may come during a time of grief or heartache, yet also after the birth of a child.

I recently welcomed in my second child. This birth was smoother and quicker than my first. It had all the phenomenal intensity that only the heightened energy of birth can draw in, yet I felt more at ease and in control, very much due to commitment to Breathwork techniques

There is a certain element of being in the lap of the gods with how much ease there is during birth. I am a great believer in the positioning of the baby being a hugely important factor in how smooth a birth may be, followed by the mamas potential to ease tension within her bodymind. Yet sometimes those who are confident, prepared and relaxed will still need necessary intervention – and in my book that’s all good…I was open to that potential myself, alongside the hope that my years of preparation would ease things along.

Yet my little one flew into the world so quickly that morning, that we were into the fourth trimester by lunch time.

And then life slows…simplifies…quietens….and what a blessing that is.

I was gifted the chance to ‘winter’ during winter this time. In the same way animals hibernate, it felt natural to stay quietly inside. My first child was born in mid summer…the trees were blooming, it seemed everyone was outside enjoying the sunshine and when I tried to join them, my body quivered and asked me to return inside to heal after a more complex birth.

This time I felt entirely in sync with the season – a warm hearted yes to wintering…

A time to soak up the cuddles…the unconditional love of this small delicious new human…and to relish the presence of this space.

Our culture tends to favour the summer aspects of our lives…the outward…the extrovert…the connections with others…

Yet the tenderness of the winter has its own majesty…the simplicity of nature in winter…

The winter phase of the menstrual cycle is renowned for its superpower quality of enabling us to vision into the future..

And the winter phase of life – where we go inward and slow down, has a more subtle beauty…the beauty of full presence – of deep connection with self and others.

So when wintering beckons – can we allow ourselves this gift..?

In full trust that Spring will come again..and like we wouldn’t expect the trees to rush their blooms…a slow pace is ours too…


I offer a range of pregnancy and postnatal courses, treatments and ceremonies at Shala. Hypnobirthing, Mother Blessings, Pregnancy Massage and Pregnancy Yoga during pregnancy...and New Mama ceremonies (Closing the Bones), Postnatal Essentials course and Celebrating the First Year Ceremony (a blend of Breathwork & Massage).

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