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Womb Massage Ritual

A celebration of all that you are. Guiding your body back home through physical touch, energy work and sound. This calming offering gives you the space you need to tune into your creative energy centre - the womb and is a unique experience.


This is a non-invasive therapy bringing the organs in the pelvis and abdominal areas into alignment in order to release pressure. It builds strength in the muscles and ligaments. This increase in circulation gives flow through the centre of the body. Allowing energy flow in and through is essential work. This massage also helps relieve stresses and traumas that are stored deep within our cells and muscles - soothing the body back to homeostasis.


For anyone looking to work with their womb spaces.


It is also useful for those with PCOS, difficult cycles, painful periods or endometriosis.


What To Expect

  • Consultation/tea to tailor the massage to you

  • Massage/Acupressure throughout the body

  • Reiki/Energy work

  • Guided visualisation

  • Rebozo (wrapping with shawls)

  • Sound Bowl Relaxation


Not suitable during pregnancy or post ovulation when trying to conceive.


Ceremony = 2 hours: £85

Ceremony + Heart opening Cacao = 2 hours 15 mins: £95

Cancellation Policy

50% fee to cancel within 24 hours & 100% on the day

With Naomi


Thank you so much, it’s been a really precious thing for me, I had a really emotional night last night and I think I have actually processed a grief which I have never allowed myself to think about. All very emotional but I now want another massage after these previous two as don’t feel I’m finished yet.