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Getting a massage
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Thai Yoga Massage 
For Pregnancy

Congratulations on your pregnancy. If you’re body is feeling achey or you could do with some support in relaxing, join us for a nourishing and gentle Thai Yoga Massage, tailored to pregnancy.


Thai Massage for Pregnancy helps to soothe the physical body where tension surfaces and also the emotions that can be exacerbated by the hormones of pregnancy. 


Thai massage is alittle like doing a yoga class, but having someone else release those spots you wouldn’t be able to access yourself. In a treatment, pressure is applied rhythmically in a rocking motion, stretches help to mobilise the joints creating space, muscles are softened, acupressure points applied and the body is encouraged to heal itself. All whilst you concentrate on deeper breathing, relaxing and releasing into the sensations – a great practice for the eventual birthing process.

Thai massage is a fully clothed therapy and is also held on the floor on a comfortable futon – so you feel very grounded by the end. 

What To Expect

  • Consultation on how you are

  • You are fully clothed

  • No work is done on the belly, no twists and no compression. 

  • Nearly all other areas of the body are easily accessed, the back, legs, shoulders, and foot, hand and face massage can be total bliss.

  • The massage is on a comfortable futon, so you feel grounded. 



1.5 hours = £80

Cancellation Policy

50% fee to cancel within 24 hours & 100% on the day

With Anna


It was just so, so good.  


Anna's touch and intuition was incredible for the whole session. I will be back again for sure. I left lighter. I slept SO well



Any Questions?

You can book your free 15 minute Clarity Call with Anna below

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