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Closing The Bones

What Is ‘Closing the Bones’?


The ceremony is a deeply nurturing treatment that focuses on massage and wrapping of the body with rebozo shawls, especially around the abdomen and hips, where as women so much happens during the entirety of our lives.


Traditionally it is given to new mamas, though it can benefit us at many other times of life too (see below).

More than just physical work, it is deeply energetic work and fulfills the function of a Rite of Passage, something we often lack in our Western society. It creates a unique space that allows for deep processing and profound healing. 

When is Closing the Bones work offered?


For new mamas = Everything about labour and birthing revolves around opening up, but once the baby is born the mother’s body requires sealing or closing as it can be left feeling raw and vulnerable. Birth is an amazing experience but the extreme openness can leave new mothers feeling empty or ‘leaking’. It helps a woman to find her own self and centre again and allows any energy leakages to be sealed. 

Although ideally done in the ‘4th trimester’, CtB can still be done decades after having given birth with the same extraordinary effects. 

In most villages in Ecuador and other Latin American countries, women are still given this massage within 6 hours after giving birth and receive it at least 5 or 6 times in total during the first 40 days postpartum, and evidence suggests this was the case all over the globe. 


Other times in life where CtB can be beneficial

  • After baby loss, miscarriage, stillbirth

  • To mark the end of a breastfeeding journey

  • To honour milestones e.g. 1 year post-birth

  • To honour the menarche (a girl's first period) (rite of passage to Maiden)

  • Around the time of marriage (rite of passage)

  • To assist in the perimenopause or mark a women's menopause (rite of passage into the Crone or Wise Woman)

  • To help with loss (such as experienced in a divorce, loss of a job, loss of a loved one)

  • To mark important changes or events (marriage, a new job, a house move)

  • For anxiety, shock, PTSD

  • In cases where a hysterectomy is suggested or after a hysterectomy

  • With fertility  challenges

  • To help with endometriosis, PCOS, painful periods, prolapse


'Anna is welcoming, professional and knowledgeable - she made me feel comfortable. Although I’m not post natal, the ceremony was amazing. I enjoyed the sacral massage and closing the bones massage around the hips. I felt very relaxed and was able to receive inner guidance. The foot thai massage was wonderful on my back.

I highly recommend the closing of the bones to women of all ages.Thank you Anna for sharing your gifts and space'.

(Hazel - Moving through a career transition)


Benefits of the Rebozo Massage




  • Unresolved emotional tension and trauma can be released and a woman’s energy is drawn back into her creative centre: her womb. 

  • You feel put back together, ‘sealed’, safe, nurtured and cared for by your sisters. It helps to ‘close’ a new mother energetically, after having gone through the deeply ‘opening’ processes of pregnancy, labour and childbirth. 

  • The ceremony also gives a woman the opportunity to share her birthing story if she’d like to.




  • Loosens the lower vertebrae (which have been compressed during pregnancy) and releases tension and stagnant energy that has built up during pregnancy in the hip area. 

  • Stimulates shrinkage of the uterus and helps to move the uterus and bladder back into their pre-pregnant place. All this can prevent serious hip problems in older age.

  • The massage also stimulates the blood circulation which in turn cleans, renews and moves fluids (and may greatly help with milk supply and lochia); moves hormones, renews the immune system, tones the muscles and renews the tissues.


What to expect?

During the Rebozo massage you are fully clothed and are comfortably lying on a mat and/or blankets on the floor, supported by cushions and bolsters where needed. We start by chatting about why you would like a Closing the Bones and what it can do for you.

It includes:

  • Wrapping a Rebozo (shawl) around your hips, like a hammock, and gently rocking your hips in a distinctive rhythm – a process we call ‘sifting’ , allowing the lower vertebrae to be released and allowing mobilisation of the pelvis and hips. 

  • Abdominal massage with a blend of essential oils to treat aching muscles and joints.

  • The focus during the abdominal massage is to remove tension in the uterus and bladder, bring the organs back to their original position, and work into the hip bones, thus releasing blocked and stagnated energy. 

  • The massage includes the breaking up of adrenalin crystals which have formed on the hip bones and indicate unresolved emotion and trauma. 

  • Finally, the Rebozo is firmly tied around your hips and abdomen to hold the uterus and bladder in place. We then continue by closing your skull/forehead, shoulders, knees and ankles as well with Rebozo shawls. 

  • You are supported and guided into deep relaxation.

  • Emotional release is possible and we will hold the space for you to go through this. The firm hold of the cloth allows you to let go and go deep inside. You decide when you are ready to be unwrapped. 

  • Afterwards we share a cup of herbal tea and a chat to help integrate the experience.


The 3 hour session integrates a massage of the upper chest, breast area and arms to help with release in the fascia and lymph movement and drainage.

Lineage and Communities


Anna has learned this ancient wisdom through the lineage of Rocío Alarcón (Ecuador), who was trained in traditional midwifery and shamanism.

Our rebozos are hand made in communities in Mexico and can take a month to weave. 

2 hours = £100

CTB Booking Options

Any Questions?

You can book your free 15 minute Clarity Call with Anna below

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