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Welcome to the village

At Shala, we offer you a space to gather, prepare for birth, and offer support and inspiration in the postnatal period.  In our modern lives, our extended family might not be round the corner, so our aim is to offer a sense of community and support.

Some of our treatments and approaches respectfully draw inspiration from indigenous cultures, where women can be deeply supported by their communities and families. 

We’re here as part of the movement to reclaim the village, and our approaches offer a unique blend of science based and ancient wisdom, amongst offering the medicine of sharing the joys and the challenges of motherhood.


We hope to welcome you soon…

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Explore our support offerings

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First tues of month (10.30am)

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We support you after birth too

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Shala Mama Programme

20 Hour Programme

Congratulations on your pregnancy. Our Shala Mama Programme is about offering you a bespoke antenatal programme entirely tailored to you. I wholeheartedly offer you my 10 years of experience in supporting women through pregnancy (and two births/experience of raising children) at this very special and sacred time.

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Hi, I'm Anna,

It’s great to have you here during your journey through motherhood…on my own journey through becoming a mother and into having my second child, I discovered some incredible practices and treatments, that I have been offering over the last 10 years (after having trained in them). 


I now offer you these as part of Margate Mama Village, alongside our meets ups/sharing circles. These are the learnings/experiences that feel invaluable, that I feel every mother is entitled to if she wishes (as such I offer a few concessionary spaces to mamas who would like to come, yet feel unable to – please contact us if so). 


My credentials over the last 10 years include 2 Hypnobirthing trainings (Mongan Method & Mindful Mamma) – the Mindful Mamma method I teach is accredited by the Royal College of Midwives (RCM). I have also trained in various Women’s Health courses (Pregnancy,Postnatal & Fertility Yoga/Closing the Bones), am a qualified Women’s Wellness Yoga Therapist and have found so much sisterhood in women's circles over the years. Full credentials here .


Feel free to book in a call if you have any queries below and I look forward to meeting you.


Sending all the best,


Any Questions?

You can book your free 15 minute Clarity Call with Anna below

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