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Postnatal Support

So congratulations on your little one! As they takes a village and as we enter the 4th trimester after birth, having some extra support can be invaluable in transitioning into motherhood, or welcoming a new child into the family. 

Our postnatal offerings are a blend of practical, modern advice, and ceremony that is respectfully derived from indigenous cultures - that often are living in small communities and take great care of their new mothers and children. You're super welcome to come to sessions with your baby/partner/friend and breastfeeding is of course welcomed too. 

Sessions can be in person in our Margate space or online.


I'm here to support you - just give me a call if you'd like to chat through anything.

All the best, 


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Are you soon to be a parent and wanting to prepare for the arrival of your little one? So you can feel even more confident, knowing that you have practical knowledge and have also given some thought to preparing emotionally too. 

Where all your questions are relevant and nothing’s too silly – how to do up a nappy anyone?! While there are essentials that we cover, this course is bespoke to you and is tailored to your needs. 



2 hours  = £100


Closing The Bones Ceremony

What Is ‘Closing the Bones’?


The ceremony is a deeply nurturing treatment that focuses on womb/face/shoulder/arm massage and wrapping of the body with rebozo shawls, especially around the womb space, abdomen and hips. It has the effect of feeling like being in a cocoon, ready to emerge like a butterfly into a new phase of life.


Traditionally it is given to new mamas as they pass through birth as a rite of passage, and ideally is offered in the ‘4th trimester’. It helps to physically 'close the bones' of the pelvis that have opened up during birth, and also provides energetic closure after the birth. 


CtB can still be done decades after having given birth with the same extraordinary effects. 

It's also a chance to share your birth story if you'd like to. 


2 hours = £100

Couple with their Baby

'Maiden to Mama'
Celebrating The First
Year Ceremony

This ceremony is a chance to celebrate your first year of becoming a mother…the joys and the challenges…the phenomenal transition from Maiden to Mother through matrescence.


In this nourishing experience, you are guided through a Breathwork and Massage journey that helps to release tension in your body mind and honours your transition. The ceremony closes with deep receiving time and relaxation. 



2 hours  = £100


I can't recommend Anna Brook's hypnobirthing course enough. I went into it not knowing all that much about hypnobirthing, and feeling quite nervous about how to cope with my birth, but came out of it feeling confident, empowered and excited - ready for whatever happens on the day, be it 'to plan' or otherwise. What I liked most about Anna's approach is her open-mindedness. She advocates what's best for you and your baby and doesn't stipulate rights or wrongs, which is really refreshing in a world that can feel full of quite black and white opinions on what you should and shouldn't do. Her course has left me with a deep trust of myself and my instincts - thank you so much Anna.

Laura Jean

(Women’s Birth Circle)

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