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Image by Kateryna Hliznitsova

Mother Blessing Ceremony

What is a Mother Blessing?


Mamas to be, if you’d like to celebrate your pregnancy and feel deeply supported moving into your birth and postpartum, we offer the unique and sacred ceremony of the Mother Blessing. 


This alternative to a baby shower is respectfully inspired by a Navajo ceremony, called a Blessingway. Our Mother's Blessings offer a chance for the women in your life to come together as your ‘village’ to show their support and love for you during this special time. It acts as a rite of passage as we transition from the maiden to the mother, and if you have children already, it offers the space to fully embrace this pregnancy.

Our bespoke blessings are created just for you from an array of options. They can include:

Sharing Circles, Massage, Womb Painting, Deep Relaxation, Dance, Meditation, Creation of affirmations, uplifting and inspiring ritual exercises with your friends, sharing of food.

This can be arranged by the mama herself or is perfect as a gift from friends.

What does a mother gain from holding a blessing?

  • During pregnancy there can be lots of emphasis on the little one (which is a wonderful thing). This a chance to focus on and celebrate YOU as the amazing woman who has grown this little life!

  • The love, support and encouragement from your closest female friends/family members as they join together as your village to support you in the final weeks of pregnancy, and into the early days with your little one. 

  • Deep relaxation to soothe you in the days/weeks before birth. 

  • A chance to share any concerns you have and feel the support.

  • The space to ask for what you’d like to receive in the postpartum period. 

  • A fun and joyful experience that celebrates your pregnancy. 

  • A smooth and empowered transition to motherhood. 

  • A rite of passage that can help you feel more mentally, physically and emotionally ready to give birth. 


How do I arrange a blessing with you?

  • Let us know how many of your friends you’d like to invite – we suggest 3 – 10. 

  • We’ll offer our ideas and create your unique blessing from what you like the sound of and any ideas you have.

  • We then liaise with your group to arrange for a few surprises and extra experiences on the day, and to arrange all details.


When and where is it best to arrange one?

Blessings can be held at any time during your pregnancy. We’d suggest holding it in your third trimester, so you’re feeling the deep support as you go into your birth.

We mainly hold these blessings in the Shala space in Margate or can arrange other bespoke venues/spaces (yurts etc).




(We recommend 3 - 10 guests)

Email to discuss options and for bookings


''I can't thank you enough. What a magical experience. I feel so full with love, connected and prepared. I keep reliving little parts of it. The joint visualisation was really powerful and being at the centre of it all....burning the fears and hearing the words from my friends. Even just being together in a circle when normally we are separated.

I'll take those visualisations into birth. And all the items on the altar. You led it so beautifully. What you do for women is life changing".



Any Questions?

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