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About Shala with founder, Anna Brook

A warm welcome to Shala.

A shala is a place to come home to yourself. The name comes from India, where a shala is a place to come to practice yoga, and connect back to yourself. 


Having trained and taught in shalas round the world, now mine is my homely studio in Margate, UK that I share with my husband and little boy. I used to run a yoga studio in Brighton for 5 years…now Shala is the cosy spot where a studio meets a home - and you are so welcome.


Life brings us all sorts doesn't it...the highs and the lows…what I've found is that there has always been a practice/therapy to suit different stages - from calming and focusing a busy preparation for motherhood...getting strong and motivated…or uber focused on intentions and goals…learning about the menstrual cycle...learning to deeply relax...being with grief and into fertility - I have practiced/trained in different styles of yoga, breathwork, massage, coaching, therapy and holistic therapies over the last 20 years, and I feel passionate that there will always be an approach that can enhance our lives, even in the most challenging fact those times can be where the greatest positive transformations can take place.

I felt the call to create Shala in 2021 while we were all asked to spend a lot of time at home. Through these challenging times I believe these practices are more valuable than ever. Many of these approaches are also part of the rising movement of women’s empowerment throughout the world.


The practitioners and approaches you’ll find here all offer ways to come home to yourself in different ways – by recognising your strengths, finding relaxation, moving past blocks, finding self acceptance or connecting with others. All the practitioners are passionate about helping you bring about whatever you're looking for at this time.


We hope to welcome you soon.

Big Love, 



I have been doing Anna's online classes throughout the lockdown period and it has honestly been the best thing I could have done for both my body and my sanity.  I had excruciating neck pain for over a year and this has completely gone thanks to Anna teaching me how to breathe, relax and stretch my body properly, I can't thank her enough!