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Yoga Nidra Session

About Shala with founder, Anna Brook

A warm welcome to Shala.

A shala is a place to come home to – a physical place to immerse in different practices and find community, and also a place to come home to ourselves. The treatments, retreats, ceremonies and events we offer are designed to offer this sense of coming home, as we move past things which may be limiting us, find balance and expansion, and evolve.


Having trained in and taught in shalas around the world over the last 10+ years, now mine is this homely studio space in our Victorian home in Margate UK – where my family also lives. I used to run a yoga studio in Brighton – now Shala is the cosy spot where a studio meets a home - and you are so welcome.

Life brings us all sorts doesn’t it...the highs and the lows…I believe there’s always a practice to enhance life as we move through different stages. After my 20 years of exploration, our intention with Shala is to offer you some of the most incredible practices and teachers we've come across. The ones that transform lives…turn wounds into wisdom and enable us to live with greater purpose, empowerment and joy.

Shala is part of the growing movement for feminine awakening that is rising across the planet. We believe in finding balance – balance of the masculine and feminine energies, balance in the nervous system, refinding the balance in the natural environment where the nurture of the feminine is so needed…and expanding into our full potential personally…

We look forward to welcoming you..

Big Love, 


*If you'd like to work with me on a 121 basis you can book your spot here


I have been doing Anna's online classes throughout the lockdown period and it has honestly been the best thing I could have done for both my body and my sanity.  I had excruciating neck pain for over a year and this has completely gone thanks to Anna teaching me how to breathe, relax and stretch my body properly, I can't thank her enough!




Any Questions?

You can book your free 15 minute Clarity Call with Anna below.

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