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Breathwork Coaching
In person or online

What is Breathwork Coaching?


Breathwork is a revolutionary tool for women's health. The way we breathe can profoundly affect our perception of life. As babies we have a full, free and unrestricted breath to match our sense of wholeness. As adults, most of us develop holding patterns in our breath, often arising from emotional wounds, physical challenges or traumas.


Breathwork is a self-healing modality that uses conscious, connected breathing to access expanded states of consciousness, while simultaneously unlocking repressed emotions and clearing stagnant energy from our whole system.

Through an intentional and safe increase of oxygen levels, we activate different areas of the brain to create new neural pathways for deeper insights and heightened clarity, while meeting the root of unresolved imprints for integration and healing. 

This is a somatic, emotional and energetic invitation into profound self-remembrance, compassion, radical self-love and powerful reclamation. By breathing into the unknown, we bring life and energy to that which is blocked, dormant or repressed. Through breath, we enliven the lost parts of us and return them back into our seat of wholeness. 


What could I gain from Breathwork?

·     Have a tool for life to regulate your nervous system.

·      Physical tightness or discomfort being released.

·      Move past limiting or self sabotaging beliefs.

·     A chance to connect to the fullness of who you are and embody your potential and purpose.

·      A chance to return to your authentic and true self beneath the layers of conditioning.

·      A chance to witness and reclaim the parts of you that have not being fully acknowledged, in a gentle and compassionate way.

·      Feel your strength and courage.

·      An ability to transform wounds into wisdom and integrate the shadow.

·      Release emotional and energetic blockages stored in the body/mind.  

·      Feel your vitality, abundance, lightness and liberated creativity.

·      Some experience transcendental/mystical states or connection to source.

·      Deep peace or bliss.

·      A reclamation of self and personal power.

·      A strong sense of who you are, and you may gain valuable insights/clarity on what next steps to take in your life.

·       You will boost and realign all the systems in your body, improving immunity, energy levels, detoxification and increase cardiovascular capacity.

·       Better sleep and a way of easing anxiety/stress.

All sessions are 2 hours.

Initial Session = £100

After your initial session, you can choose between:

3 Week Journey (3 sessions) = £290

3 Month Personal Programme (12 sessions) = £1080


“One breathwork session is equivalent to about two years of psychotherapy.”

- Henry Rohrberg, Ph.D.

What can Breathwork help me with?

·       If you’re feeling anxious.

·       If you’re lacking in energy or feeling sluggish.

·       If you’re feeling overwhelmed or fearful.

·       If you’d like to gain more confidence.

·       If you’d like to experience more joy in your life.

·       If you’re curious about consciousness and altered states.

·       If you’re experiencing a lack of sleep.

·       If you’re feeling depressed, sad, disengaged or lacking in motivation.

·       If you have breathing difficulties.

·       If you feel angry or resentful.

·       If you’re dealing with trauma, loss, or bereavement.

·       If you’re suffering with dis-ease in the body.

·       If you’ve come to a plateau with therapy or your other practices.


What happens in a Breathwork session?


·      We begin with a consultation and chance for you to share anything you’d like to.

·      We then move into a breath pattern analysis, offering you the chance to receive feedback on your personal patterns so that we can work towards freeing them.

·      You’ll be taught the Conscious Connected Breath technique – a simple yet transformative tool that you can use for life.

·      We sometimes incorporate other elements with the breath – including massage, movement, affirmations, visualisation, and sound healing (with your permission in a safe container).

·      We close with time for integration and coaching around what arises.

Who did you qualify with?

·      Anna trained for 2 years with an International Breathwork Foundation teaching provider. 

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How to set up for a session

In person sessions at Shala (Margate):

 Everything will be provided for you. Simply wear comfortable loose clothing.


Online sessions:

Lying on the floor on a yoga mat is ideal. Make sure you can lie with your legs flat and spread your arms to the sides. Surround yourself with pillows, blankets and cushions for comfort. 

·       Wear comfortable clothes. 

·       Be seen: Position the camera on side view from your head to feet, including your hands.

·       Keep warm using blankets – warm socks etc.

·       Drink plenty of water. 

·       No interruptions if possible.

·       Something to cover your eyes like an eye mask.

·       Zoom on a laptop ideally.


Precautions & Contraindications

Breathwork results in certain specific physiological and psychological changes.

Breathwork is designed to give you the tools to manage every day stresses and can also unearth deeply held trauma. 

The following conditions are contraindicated, please mention if any of the following relate to you:

  • Pregnancy

  • Detached retina 

  • Glaucoma

  • High blood pressure (not controlled with medication) 

  • Cardiovascular disease including angina, previous heart attack or stroke

  • Diagnosis of aneurysm in the brain or abdomen

  • Uncontrolled thyroid conditions and diabetes

  • Asthma

  • Epilepsy

  • Prior diagnosis of bipolar disorder, schizophrenia or previous psychiatric condition.

  • Any other medical or physical conditions which could affect the sessions. 


You take full responsibility for your own health and wellbeing.


Breathwork at Shala allows a focus and clarity of thought I’ve not experienced before and my sessions with Anna have been transformational.

While the practice is strengthening and cleansing, emotionally and physically, it’s also very accessible, with tangible results from the outset. I came through curiosity and I’m now hooked!’

 Emily Chalmers

Any Questions?

You can book your free 15 minute Clarity Call with Anna below

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