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Congratulations On Your Pregnancy.

Whether this is your first or fourth child…whether you’re feeling apprehensive or already confident…I'm here to support you with an empowering and unique blend of nurturing approaches that offer a 360 degree approach to birth preparation. 

The Shala approach to birthing respects that birth is as unique as we are.

Learning about birth, the science behind it, how to work with medical professionals and our mindset, are all fascinating parts of birth preparation, yet I feel that sometimes birth preparation approaches can overlook a vital perspective… deep, visceral connection to our bodies, our instincts, the sensations and how to masterfully work with our breath (that can be a gamechanger in birth) and effortlessly calm our system, alongside nurturing an instinctive connection to our baby. 


In our sessions, I wholeheartedly offer you my 10 years experience of supporting pregnant women (alongside experience of my own two different kinds of births and parenting 2 children) in a experiential style, where you FEEL the effects of a calm nervous system and feel good hormones - so by the time you reach your birth these states are effortlessly within your body's memory. 


When you work with me 1:1 on our Shala Mama Programme you are guided through 20 hours of pregnancy/postnatal sessions that are entirely tailored to you - or join me for individual ceremonies, treatments or courses. You can find them below..

 Join me at our calming Margate space or online - it'd be an honour to support you at this time.

All the best, 


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Private Sessions

6 Hour Course

These private sessions are tailored to you and your birth partner, and offer the chance to learn a variety of techniques that will support you in your pregnancy and birth - like breathing techniques, deep relaxations, hypnosis techniques and exercises to do together, alongside hypnobirthing knowledge and practical tips. These sessions are great for going into your birth feeling on the same page as your partner. 

Feel free to call for an initial consultation so I can answer any queries you may have.




£350 per couple

2 x 3 hours sessions


Includes mp3s + book

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Pregnancy Massage
(Thai Massage)

Congratulations on your pregnancy. If you’re body is feeling achey or you could do with some support in relaxing, join us for a nourishing and gentle Thai Yoga Massage, tailored to pregnancy.


Thai Massage for Pregnancy helps to soothe the physical body where tension surfaces and also the emotions that can be exacerbated by the hormones of pregnancy. You leave feeling calm, relaxed and connected to your body and your baby. 


1.5 hours = £80

Prenatal Yoga

Shala Birth Preparation Session

If you’re preparing for birth and would like a session tailored entirely to you - join Anna for a unique and multi dimensional experience encompassing some of the Shala tools for birth preparation. This 2 hour session can involve/combine:


- Breathwork for Pregnancy & Birth

 - Massage

 - Yogic postures for tension release

 - Deep Relaxation/Self Hypnosis/Yoga Nidra

 - Hypnobirthing


When you book, we’ll contact you to chat through what you hope to gain from the session and tailor it entirely to you.


Per Session (1 hr 30 mins) = £100

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Mother Blessing Ceremony

Mamas to be, if you’d like to celebrate your pregnancy and feel deeply supported moving into your birth and postpartum, we offer the unique and sacred ceremony of the Mother Blessing. 


This alternative to a baby shower is respectfully inspired by a Navajo ceremony, called a Blessingway. Our Mother's Blessings offer a chance for the women in your life to come together as your ‘village’ to show their support and love for you during this special time.

Our bespoke blessings are created just for you from an array of options. They can include:

Sharing Circles, Massage, Womb Painting, Deep Relaxation, Dance, Meditation, Creation of affirmations, uplifting and inspiring ritual exercises with your friends, sharing of food.



From £200

Online Yoga

Pregnancy & Deep Relaxation Video 

These 8 x videos vary in length from 10-45 mins and include:

  • Yoga sequences for different stages/energy levels

  • 4 x Hypnobirthing breath techniques

  • 2 x Deep relaxations (yoga nidra & hypnobirthing)

  • Meditation





Pregnancy & Birth Relaxation Album 

This album contains 8 MP3s with a selection of breathing techniques and hypnosis / relaxations for birth, including:

  • The Calming Breath 

  • The Golden Thread Breath

  • Surge Breathing

  • The J Breath

  • Guided Affirmations

  • An Energy Balancing Yoga Nidra

  • Hypnobirthing Relaxation 

  • Body Scan Relaxation




Image by Patty Brito


Are you soon to be a parent and wanting to prepare for the arrival of your little one? So you can feel even more confident, knowing that you have practical knowledge and have also given some thought to preparing emotionally too. 

Where all your questions are relevant and nothing’s too silly – how to do up a nappy anyone?! While there are essentials that we cover, this course is bespoke to you and is tailored to your needs. 



2 Hours - £100

Image by Camylla Battani

Shala Mama


20 Hour Programme

Congratulations on your pregnancy. Our Shala Mama Programme is about offering you a bespoke antenatal programme entirely tailored to you. I wholeheartedly offer you my 10 years of experience in supporting women through pregnancy (and two births/experience of raising children) at this very special and sacred time.




£844 per couple


Your programme can include:


During Pregnancy

  • 2 x Birth Preparation Sessions - Hypnobirthing & Coaching (3 hours sessions)

  • Pregnancy Yoga, Breathwork & Yoga Nidra (1 hr 30 mins

  • Pregnancy Massage (1 hr 30 mins)

  • Mother Blessing (2 hour session – counts as 4 hours)




  • Closing the Bones Ceremony for New Mothers (2 hrs)

  • Postnatal Essentials Course (2.5 hrs) 

  • Breathwork Session (great to release deep held tension) (2 hrs)

  • Celebrating the First Year Ceremony (Breathwork & Massage) – (2 hrs)

  • Includes mp3s + book


I can't recommend Anna Brook's hypnobirthing course enough. I went into it not knowing all that much about hypnobirthing, and feeling quite nervous about how to cope with my birth, but came out of it feeling confident, empowered and excited - ready for whatever happens on the day, be it 'to plan' or otherwise. What I liked most about Anna's approach is her open-mindedness. She advocates what's best for you and your baby and doesn't stipulate rights or wrongs, which is really refreshing in a world that can feel full of quite black and white opinions on what you should and shouldn't do. Her course has left me with a deep trust of myself and my instincts - thank you so much Anna.

Laura Jean

(Women’s Birth Circle)

Image by Annisa Ica

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