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Congratulations On Your Pregnancy.

Whether this is your first or fourth child…whether you’re feeling apprehensive or already confident…I'm here for you offering an empowering and unique blend of hypnobirthing and pregnancy yoga approaches that have benefitted many families.


Birth is as unique as we are. Some of us will feel called to birth in hospital, others at home or in a birthing centre. The Hypnobirthing and Pregnancy Yoga techniques offered to you are all about supporting you to have confidence, feel well prepared and feel flexible and adaptable on the day of your birthing. A focus of my sessions is that they are practical and experiential, so the tools like breathing techniques feel completely natural by the time you reach your birth. 


I have combined my 8+ years of teaching to create the variety of offerings below.


At present sessions can be in person in our Margate space or online.


I'm here to support you - just give me a call if you'd like to chat through anything.

All the best, 


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Private Sessions

6 Hour Course

These private sessions are tailored to you and your birth partner, and offer the chance to learn a variety of techniques that will support you in your pregnancy and birth - like breathing techniques, deep relaxations, hypnosis techniques and exercises to do together, alongside hypnobirthing knowledge and practical tips. These sessions are great for going into your birth feeling on the same page as your partner. 

Feel free to call for an initial consultation so I can answer any queries you may have.




£250 per couple

2 x 3 hours sessions


Includes mp3s + book


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Shala Pregnancy Package

  • Private Hypnobirthing (6 hours)

  • Initial phone consultation 

  • 2 x Yoga 121s - Pregnancy

  • 1 x Yoga 121s - Postnatal

  • 8 x videos for pregnancy/birth prep

  • 8 x mp3 recordings for birth


If you want to approach your birth feeling relaxed, prepared, and calmly excited, then the Shala pregnancy package offers you top level support and guidance. This is calm birth preparation completely tailored to you and your birth partner (at convenient times for you) in the comfort of your own home. 

Simply give me a call to chat through things and see how I can support you at this special time.





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Thai Yoga Massage
For Pregnancy

Congratulations on your pregnancy. If you’re body is feeling achey or you could do with some support in relaxing, join us for a nourishing and gentle Thai Yoga Massage, tailored to pregnancy.


Thai Massage for Pregnancy helps to soothe the physical body where tension surfaces and also the emotions that can be exacerbated by the hormones of pregnancy. The emotions are often unblocked and released, hidden tensions brought to the surface and expunged.


1.5 hours = £70

2 hours = £85


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Hypnobirthing Refresher Session

If you've done a hypnobirthing course before and would like to top up your knowledge before your next baby arrives - then join me for a refresher session.

This option includes a phone consultation before so we can tailor the session to what will support you most.​




£100 for 3 hours


Prenatal Yoga

Private Pregnancy Yoga Sessions

Would you like to feel calmer during your pregnancy?

Or learn breathing techniques for birth?

Or perhaps your body feels sensitive/uncomfortable and attending a general class isn't ideal at the moment.

Or perhaps your baby is breech/posterior and you want advice on helping them turn.

I'm here to support you and these private yoga sessions are tailored entirely to what you need at this time.


We use postures (asana), pranayama (breathing practices), visualisation and deep relaxation or yoga nidra/hypnobirthing relaxations to support you in feeling grounded and relaxed.


Feel free to call if you’d like to chat though what you’d like to gain from the sessions or email to book.


Per Session = £70/hr

4 sessions (paid up front) = £240


Online Yoga

Pregnancy & Deep Relaxation Video 

These 8 x videos vary in length from 10-45 mins and include:

  • Yoga sequences for different stages/energy levels

  • 4 x Hypnobirthing breath techniques

  • 2 x Deep relaxations (yoga nidra & hypnobirthing)

  • Meditation





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About Anna

Congratulations on your pregnancy. I'm passionate about offering hypnobirthing and pregnancy yoga, especially as they were invaluable in my own pregnancy and birth. It's brilliant to see the tide turning in the birth world, with so many women now utilising these techniques to overcome (often inherited) concerns and approach their birth feeling empowered, confident and grounded. That's how many of my clients have described feeling, and I'd love to share these approaches with you.


I trained in the Mongan Method of Hypnobirthing and Pregnancy Yoga in 2013. I have since trained with the Mindful Mamma school of Hypnobirthing and also in the postnatal period with yogic techniques to support that. I teach modules on hypnobirthing/deep relaxation on pregnancy yoga teacher trainings.

I'm here to support you - do give us a call if you'd like to chat through anything.


I can't recommend Anna Brook's hypnobirthing course enough. I went into it not knowing all that much about hypnobirthing, and feeling quite nervous about how to cope with my birth, but came out of it feeling confident, empowered and excited - ready for whatever happens on the day, be it 'to plan' or otherwise. What I liked most about Anna's approach is her open-mindedness. She advocates what's best for you and your baby and doesn't stipulate rights or wrongs, which is really refreshing in a world that can feel full of quite black and white opinions on what you should and shouldn't do. Her course has left me with a deep trust of myself and my instincts - thank you so much Anna.

Laura Jean

(Women’s Birth Circle)

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