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Shala Pregnancy Package

  • Private Hypnobirthing (6 hours)

  • 2 x Pregnancy Yoga 121s

  • 1 x Postnatal Yoga 121

  • Initial phone consultation to tailor the sessions to you

  • Pregnancy Yoga & Deep Relaxation video compilation (8 videos)

  • 8 x mp3 recordings for birth

  • WhatsApp support



£399 per person

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The Shala Pregnancy Package

This package is about you feeling super supported, confident and prepared for your birth. All our sessions are tailored to you and your birth partner, and you can continue to practice the techniques with access to the extensive toolkit of videos and recordings I have created. 


Working with me you'll experience and embody these approaches/techniques so that by the time you reach your birth they are second nature.


Hypnobirthing is a form of birth education which combines a variety of techniques, alongside knowledge/wisdom. It has its roots in science and offers you an empowering understanding of the process of birth. We’ll look at ways to create/develop a positive mindset in preparation for your birth and how you can work with your body. Your birth partner is really valued as part of this approach and they will be offered practical and emotional ways to support you. Doing this preparation together often means couples feel even more bonded and on the same page for their birth.

What will I learn about?

  • A variety of techniques - breath work, deep relaxations, hypnosis techniques and exercises to do with your partner (e.g. massage).

  • An understanding of the process of birth and how to work with your womb and your baby

  • Consideration of what environment you want to create and how it can affect your birth

  • Positioning of the baby and why it matters

  • Ways that your birth companion can support you

  • Natural alternatives to intervention & questions to ask if intervention is offered


Private Yoga 121s

There are many benefits to doing pregnancy yoga before and after your birth:


  • Keeping strong and flexible

  • Breathing techniques can be so useful for birth

  • Deep relaxation

  • Hypnobirthing visualisations to prepare for birth


These sessions offer a chance for us to create a personalised yoga practice that suits you during your pregnancy and after you've had your baby. I create practice sheets of the postures we work on so you can practice them in between sessions if you wish. 


If this strikes a chord with you - it'd be an honour to support you on this journey.


Feel free to call or email me to talk things through...


£399 per couple

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