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5 ways to embody the energy of Spring

So we’ve just moved past Beltane and Spring is here… It has been a joy welcoming some of you into our space recently overlooking the garden bursting with bluebells and snowdrops.

Have you found your mood or energy has shifted with the season? As the more dynamic yang energy builds we may feel more energised and purposeful. Equally, depending on circumstances, rest and surrender may still be more important. Listening in is always the key…

If you’re feeling the Spring can find below our top 5 tips for embodying Spring energy below - inspired by the ancient 5 element theory of the daoists.

Connecting with nature and the environment

After the hibernating quality of the winter, where we tend to spend more time inside, Spring offers the chance to reconnect back with nature – to find a bluebell wood or snowdrops in the garden. As nature comes to life, it can feel like an awakening for us too.


The urge to ‘spring clean’ can be really powerful for some of us. I found myself turning out old clothes and cleaning the front of my house in the last few weeks. And it felt good! Clearing the baggage, making space for the new both physically and mentally…

Cultivate a healthy flow of energy in your body

The Taoists connect the energy of spring to the liver. It's all about having a healthy flow of energy - in our body, life and emotions.

If we've had a night on the town we may feel the liver's sluggishness - and it can be the same with our emotions if we don't detoxify the body via exercise.

One of the places liver meridians/energy lines run through is the inner legs, so try postures or massaging into this area to free up stagnation. If you notice tenderness/sensitivity this can be a sign you're in the right place.

So what do you enjoy that frees up your energy?

What do you feel to create?

The Spring represents fertility and abundance in nature. Creation..procreation…!

So is there anything you’re feeling called to create or something you’d like to learn? A quality of playfulness and beginners mind perhaps..

Connect with your vision or purpose

Liver Qi is concerned with fulfilling our lives purpose, having a vision and directing our energy towards this.

When this isn't happening we might feel stuck, frustrated or angry.

So is your vision clear?

Are you feeling a sense of purpose?

Are you feeling motivated?

If that's not the case at the moment - what could help you clarify those things?


If you’d like to connect with the Spring qualities of your vision, sense of purpose or move past anything which is holding you back…I highly recommend our new Breathwork Coaching sessions here.

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